Facebook refuses headset Oculus Go

Facebook отказывается от гарнитуры Oculus Go

The virtual reality helmets Oculus entry-level will soon disappear from the shelves forever. This year, the company Facebook has discontinued sales of headsets Oculus Go and focus on upgrading devices Oculus Rift and Quest. Although software will still be available for helmets Go, the store, Oculus will cease to add new applications after December 18.

Simply put, the company responds to user feedback. VR headset Oculus Quest during the recent pandemic has become very popular (its still hard to find) – customers have made it clear, over six degrees of freedom is the future of virtual reality (according to the Oculus team).

Oculus also noted that they introduce a “new way” to distribute the app under the device Quest and outside of the official store. The innovation will be implemented at the beginning of 2021, but the team mentions this now in the hope to spur development IN the Quest for developers who do not want to use existing channels.

It turns out that Facebook refuses the development of the Oculus devices Go when they are already not find in stores. This is unlikely to be well received by those who saw in this gadget for $ 199 (sometimes less) entry ticket to virtual reality. At the same time, there is no doubt that Quest and Rift offer a much more complex and interesting VR experience, compared with which the helmet Go was a kind of dead end.