Facebook refuses to spy on users: already closed popular spyware app

Facebook отказывается от слежки за пользователями: уже закрыто популярное шпионское приложение

The company Facebook has decided to abandon its mobile apps, which could conduct surveillance of the users in the social network. We are talking about closing spy VPN app Onavo, according to ONLINE.UA with reference to TechCrunch.

It is noted that Facebook has stopped working free programs for market research and removed the program Onavo VPN.

“Ultimately [the app] will be closed and will immediately stop to receive data from users for market research, although in the short term it will continue to operate as a virtual private network, to enable users to find a replacement,” said the company.

They added that without the program Onavo Facebook loses a powerful tool for market research, but despite this now focuses on paid initiatives and be clearly explained to the participants what kind of data and for what purposes will be collected. As for the spyware VPN app Onavo, it has been removed from the Google Play store.

Recall that Facebook refused to “spy” application, after investigation, published on TechCrunch in late January. It was reported about the “research” Facebook Research project, whereby participants are paid monthly $20 in exchange for full access to their personal data. All user activity, including location, browser history and online searches, messages, messengers, were monitored after installation on the smartphone of the same name VPN service.

The publication TechCrunch also mentioned that usage statistics of the applications received through Onavo Protect, had a strong influence on business strategy Facebook. According to internal documents at the disposal of journalists, this VPN service has allowed Facebook to anticipate the explosive growth WhatsApp to justify buying the startup for $19 billion in 2014. Since the audience of the messenger has more than tripled.