Facebook started an investigation into the sale of mummies, embryos and human bones

Facebook начал расследование дела о продаже мумий, эмбрионов и человеческих костей

The investigation will involve private groups of users who find and sell human remains, including skulls, pickled fetuses, and mummified body

It turned out that though the sale of such and banned in Facebook, but buyers and sellers use private closed group. This writes the Times Of Israel.

It is alleged that many have been sold and only offered for sale remains had been illegally extracted from archaeological and historical monuments around the world. So, one of the sellers said that they plundered the tomb in Sousse, Tunisia and skull were sold from there for $ 550.

Private groups was discovered by LiveScience, which spent 10 months studying the lists and cataloguing the range of goods offered for sale or requested by other users.

The legal experts warn that this practice is also criminal under U.S. law and international law and constitutes a threat to governmental and academic efforts to preserve historical artifacts in archaeological sites around the world.

So, one seller offered to buy the mummified body of six year old child, Dating back to the 1700 mi 12 247 thousand dollars. Also sold the elongated Mayan skull from Peru for $ 10,500. His age is not less than two thousand years, and it belonged to a member of a group of hunter-gatherers. Much cheaper, you could buy “the skull of a teenage girl” for $ 1300. And it is not mentioned where the seller got it from and what is his age.

In addition proposed a whole collection of pickled embryos in jars for 2350 dollars per copy. The seller claimed that it “medical samples for pensions”.

“It is doubtful that anyone, even those who donate their remains to science, ever wanted to be a souvenir for a collector,” said Ryan Seidemann and Christina Holling from the office of the attorney General of Louisiana.

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