Faces life in Pisochyn tenant brutally murdered his landlady

Грозит пожизненное: в Песочине арендатор жестоко убил хозяйку квартиры

In Pisochyn, Kharkov region, 41-year-old man killed the woman who rented the room. He removed her jewelry, and then fled. About it Newsmir.info reported in a press-service of the Channel.

The body of 64-year-old housewife 27 Nov found in the apartment of her relatives. During the inspection law enforcement officers found on the woman’s body with numerous stab wounds. Missing not only jewelry, but also the mobile phone of the killed.

The murderer was 41-the summer citizen of Georgia who temporarily rented a room in the apartment of the deceased. “On November 27 at around 05:00 the attacker attacked the victim, repeatedly struck her with a knife, and when the woman ceased to give life signs, took her chain and ring,” described in the national police.

Foreigner detained in order St. 208 Criminal procedure code of Ukraine. To him reported about suspicion in Commission of crime under part 2 St. 115 (premeditated murder) and part 4 St. 187 (robbery) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Man faces life imprisonment with confiscation of property.