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Пілінг обличчя в домашніх умовах: прості і корисні поради - Lifestyle 24

The face peel is one of the most important cosmetic procedures, because simple washing is not enough for complete cleansing. Therefore it is necessary from time to time to conduct such cleaning, to remove impurities under the skin: the dead cells of the epidermis, accumulation of fat and also to improve the condition and color of the skin.

In order to put the face in perfect condition and not costly, there is a great alternative hike to the beautician – to do the peeling at home. Through exfoliation can greatly improve the condition of the skin and even get rid of fine wrinkles and skin irregularities.

Optional: if you have a skin disease, before any procedures, it is recommended to consult with a beautician.

There are many types of exfoliation: mechanical, laser, vacuum, ultrasonic, fruit and chemical. As well as the procedure differs according to the depth of exposure: superficial, middle and deep peels.

Пілінг обличчя в домашніх умовах: прості і корисні поради - Lifestyle 24

One of the most important advantages of the peeling is a cleansing of pores, exfoliation of dead skin layers, improve blood circulation and sebaceous glands of the skin.

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Ideal to clean and restore the skin following tips will help.

How to do face peeling at home

You first need to prepare the skin for the procedure. For this you need to steam the face and cleanse it regular lotion. Then you can immediately proceed to applying the mask.

For example, mix oatmeal with milk and vegetable oil and apply to the face in a thin layer, avoiding the eye area and make a gentle massage blend.

Or to use the popular coffee peeling. To do this, put fresh coffee grounds after just drinking coffee on the face and RUB in a circular motion for 5 minutes.

One of the most effective methods of face peeling is the application of the innovative product of the production of the Belarusian cosmetics company & MEZO complex Mesong-roll for deep cleaning the face. As a result of application of the peeling-Skadi the skin becomes smooth, fresh and supple.

It is worth noting that in any case you cannot use product on irritated, damaged and very dry skin. And in case of contact with eyes, be sure to rinse with plenty of water.

We also recommend to try the yoghurt mask and peeling. This will help natural sour yoghurt and olive oil. First you need to apply a thin layer of oil on the face, and on top of a thick layer of yogurt. After the mixture dries, massage the face and wash with warm water.

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