Fagged out melitopoltsa rescuers pulled from the sea

Выбившегося из сил мелитопольца спасатели вытащили из моря

Two cases of water rescue occurred near the base of rest “Eldorado” in the village of Primorskiy Posad, Azov district.

At 12:08 on July 19 a 32-year-old vacationer from Melitopol swam on a mattress in the open sea for a distance of 400 m from the shore and could not get back. And then needed help 46-year-old woman and her 49-year-old husband, residents of Irpen, who swam 300 meters from the shore, exhausted and unable to return.

Rescuers will arrive on time at the scene and took a rest on shore. From medical care to all rescued refused.