Fahrion Calling me a coward, you call a brawler Kotlyarevsky

Фарион: Называя меня скандалистом, вы называете скандалистом Котляревского

The people’s Deputy of the VII convocation Irina fahrion commented on the scandal with the Ukrainianization of Lviv kindergarten in the live political talk show “Epicenter of Ukrainian politics” on TV channel NEWSONE.

“By your logic, the scandal is the fact that the Ukrainian language has its own laws of development of anthropological vocabulary. For Ukrainian names, i.e. anthroponyms, characterized by their suffixes. And if you call someone “Mary”, then plead with Taras Grigorovich Shevchenko because he somehow his famous poem called “Morocco” and called “Masha”, and named “Maria”. Sue not only with Irina fahrion and call it a great brawler, and the Ukrainian writer Ivan Kotliarevsky, which his famous play called “Natalka Poltavka” and not “Natasha Poltavchanka” and not “Natalie”. In every language there is the anthroponyms which are dictated by its derivational base. And if society is not learned, then he should take up grammar books,” said fahrion.