Fahrion distinguished scandalous statement about the Russian-speaking fighters of VSU (VIDEO)

Фарион отличилась скандальным заявлением о русскоязычных бойцах ВСУ (ВИДЕО)

Ukrainian politician and public figure Irina Farion said that there is no Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

Video from the program “jurkiewicz. Accents” posted on its YouTube channel she fahrion, reports “Apostrophe”.

She stressed that in Ukraine there is no Russian-speaking Ukrainians, and he divided the people into categories. In her opinion, who says in Ukraine in Russian – Muscovite. For approval leading that APU fighters who are fighting in the Donbass speak Russian and can not be Muscovites, fahrion said that can.

“Can I easily be called Muscovites. Why do you speak Russian? You live on what ground, on the Ukrainian? What kind of bread you eat? Taras Shevchenko you called? People who served in the Moscow army, he called Muscovites. Taras Shevchenko called, and I can’t?”, – said Farion.

She also stressed that those who speak Russian, to communicate in the language of the enemy. As the politician noted, the native language is the border. She also called the lazy those who do not learn their native language.

Video 20:21 minutes

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