Failed attempt of theft of the Dodge Challenger: the car got stuck in the door of the dealership

Неудачная попытка угона Dodge Challenger: машина застряла в двери автосалона

In Illinois, USA, there was an unsuccessful attempt to hijack Challenger. Details published online employee of the dealership Auffenberg, where there was a hijacking. Center sells cars Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram. Most likely the offender was very inexperienced. He tried to leave the car through the door, but it was too narrow. Challenger got stuck in the doorway, and the offender fled from the scene.

Despite the fact that the situation may seem comical, it carries with it a huge loss for the owner of the dealership. Moreover, the hijacker has damaged the body of the car, he smashed Windows and door of the cabin.

The police is investigating the case. It is not excluded that the criminals were several. That evening, when he tried to steal a Challenger near destroyed the office of the Home Depot. The police assumes that it was made by the same looters.

In recent weeks, incursions into dealer showrooms in the United States have become very frequent. Amid protests against racism and police violence, took to the streets for looters. They smash everything on their way.