Fake account on YouTube SpaceX robbed users of $150,000 in BTC

Фейковый аккаунт SpaceX на YouTube ограбил пользователей на $150 000 в BTC

Scammers have convinced thousands of YouTube viewers to want to send them 15,31 BTC. Worked the old trick of “free distribution”.

Cryptocurrency crooks stole at least $150 000, according to Сointelegraph disguised account under the official page of the company SpaceX on YouTube and putting on a fake hand (giveway) of bitcoin.

Report Bleeping Computer from June 9 notes that several scams broke official accounts on YouTube and changed the branding and content, to mimic the content of the channel SpaceX Elon musk.

These “fake accounts” aired archival footage Mask, as the event is happening live, and asked the audience to send bitcoin (BTC). Bleeping Computer reports that at least 80,000 people watched a live broadcast, June 8, which brought speculators 15,31 BTC. One of the bitcoin addresses received 29 transactions by 4.08 BTC? at that time it cost $39 840, and the other received 84 donations in the total amount of 11.23 BTC, or about $110 000.

“That’s not cool”

Musk knows that his name used to commit such a fraud. In February, CEO of SpaceX, wrote that “the level CryptoAPI Twitter reaches new levels,” and users should report these fakes as soon as they see them.

However, the reporting may be insufficient for some platforms. A cyber security company Tenable announced in February that there is “eternal game” cat-mouse “between Twitter and cryptocurrency frauds,” and the last continue to change their tactics to get the BTC from the victims none the wiser.

Since most of the public is still interested in the historic launch of private spacecraft, built and launched with the United States on may 30, the scammers are in such a profitable trend, and know well how to impersonate a Mask.

CEO of Ripple brad Garlinghouse have also been a popular goal of fraud. In March, YouTube was showing videos of falsification of fifty airdrop XRP. Ripple found that the reaction of the platform and the removal of such content is not enough and filed a lawsuit against YouTube in April.

As he wrote Coinews, the regulator of the derivatives market, the US Commission on commodity futures trading (CFTC) has warned the public about cryptocurrency scammers who are trying to use panic coronavirus mood.

The portal Coinews informed that Facebook and Instagram have filed a lawsuit against a user who, they claim, ran the hidden service, which allowed the advertising of cryptometrics, fake news about COVID-19 and discord scams to circumvent advertising control both platforms.

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