Families with sick children will provide a new type of benefit: who and how much to pay – 24 Channel

Сім'ям з хворими дітьми нададуть новий вид допомоги: кому і скільки платитимуть - 24 Канал

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the resolution on amendments to payments to families who have seriously ill children.

The decision supplements the order of appointment and payment of state assistance to families with children with a new paragraph. The document will come into force on 1 January 2019.

According to him, Ukraine introduced a separate type of assistance for individuals who are caring for children, in which:

  1. Severe perinatal lesions of the nervous system;
  2. Severe congenital malformations;
  3. Orphan (rare) diseases;
  4. Cancer;
  5. Oncohematological diseases;
  6. Cerebral palsy;
  7. Severe mental disorders;
  8. Diabetes mellitus type I (insulin-dependent);
  9. Acute or chronic kidney disease IV degree;
  10. Severe trauma;
  11. Need an organ transplant;
  12. Need palliative care, but does not have a disability.

Assistance to a person who is caring for a sick child, is assigned to: from the date of her appointment to the social protection of the population; for every sick child in the amount of the subsistence minimum for persons incapacitated, shall be paid six months; irrespective of receiving other types of state aid.

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