Family agribusiness and partnership with the ex-MP Verevskiy: what is known about the deceased MP Davydenko

Семейный агробизнес и партнерство с экс-нардепом Веревским: что известно о погибшем нардепе Давыденко

The Deputy found shot to death in his office in Kiev on 23 may.

MP, member of the “Trust” Valery Davydenko, who on may 23, was found shot to death in Kiev in his own office, was 47 years old, he was a civil wife and two daughters. He hails from Chernigov. Business partners and campaign politics

According to “Ukrainian truth”, the longest place of work Davydenko before going into politics – agricultural company “agrodom”. It belonged and still belongs to the family Davydenko, and from 2004 to 2013, the man was also its CEO.

The company was established in 2003. Among the four official founders then had the mother Davydenko, as well as the future Minister of Finance in the government of Mykola Azarov and Yuri Kolobov. “Agrodom” is engaged in cultivation of cereals, legumes and oilseeds, livestock breeding, and the like.

Now the beneficial owner is the mother Davydenko. The owners of the enterprise several.

Among them – the company “asset management Progressive investment strategies”, controlled by the former people’s Deputy Andrey Verevskiy.

The greatest share in “Agrodome” belongs to the unknown and more unnoticed in the business Homika Irina from Kiev.

Another owner – Alexander Bedrikovsky. He is probably the son of a senior Prosecutor Vladimir Petrikovskoe, because registered at the same address as the attorney’s wife.

Davydenko along with Kolobov, and another former civil servants and the current people’s Deputy Boris Prikhodko for some time owned “Terra Bank”. Later the institution went bankrupt and was liquidated.

In may 2013, Belov was appointed Deputy Minister of agrarian policy and food. On the position he has held for less than a year after the fall of the regime of Viktor Yanukovych in March 2014, was dismissed.

Then became an adviser to the Directorate for the development of the prospective programs of the Institute of innovative providing of the Ukrainian Academy of agrarian Sciences.

And in the fall of 2014 for the first time passed in the Parliament as a member of the native Chernihiv. Scandal

At the end of 2013, Deputy Minister Davydenko was appointed head of the Supervisory Board of the State food-grain Corporation. During his management, the company caught in a scandal.

As it turned out, at least $ 132 million with 1.5 billion dollar loan that was given to China under the state guarantees were removed in the offshore. The Corporation sold grain dubious offshore companies, and those with her were not calculated.

Former partner and current colleague Davydenko Boris Prikhodko appears in another high-profile theft in the agricultural area of the state money “Agrarian Fund”.

In February 2014, his leadership has placed slightly more than 2 billion hryvnia in bonds “BROKBUSINESSBANK” of the oligarch Sergey Kurchenko, close to the “Family” of Yanukovych. A few weeks after the Bank introduced a temporary administration.

The Bank received refinancing from the national Bank and redeemed bonds “Agrarian Fund”. And then the Fund without the permission of the Ministry of agrarian policy and in contravention of the Charter, placed the money in a Deposit account of the same Bank “BROKBUSINESSBANK”. Last spent that 2 billion on the repayment of fictitious debts. Boris Prikhodko in those days was the Deputy head of the NBU.

The police investigate this episode in the framework of the big business Kurchenko. Proceedings against Prikhodko and ex-head of the Agrarian Fund of Alexander Kiruka sent to the court in 2015. Consideration of the merits has not yet begun.

In March 2017 Davydenko was in the top three MPs who tried to prevent the workers of the NABOO to send to the survey the former head of fiscal service of the Roman Nasirov. Then the suspect in the corruption allegedly could not participate in the trial because of illness, and law enforcement wanted to determine its objective condition.

Police are investigating criminal proceedings under article “premeditated murder”, but can classify the case a suicide. The reasons and motives not yet known.

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