Family Hayden panettiere pleads to leave hard boyfriend

Семья Хайден Панеттьери умоляет покинуть жесткого бойфренда

Any further proceedings regarding the violence Hkerson Brian and Hayden panettiere, native women are asked to break up with him any contacts and don’t have anything to do with him.

According to the publication People, relatives begging Hayden to leave Brian because their relationship is still ongoing.

“It is absolutely out of control. She needs to leave this guy. Her friends and family worried about her for quite a long time, and meanwhile everything is getting worse”, – said the insider.

Relatives add that Hayden needs to introspect, because such relationships are extremely unhealthy.

For some reason she continues these relationships, but nothing but degradation they bring. It’s a sad situation,
adds the source.

We will add that earlier expressed concern about the situation and the ex-partner Hayden panettiere Wladimir Klitschko. According to insiders, he’s trying to protect his former lover and arrange a meeting with her, but on the condition that it will not be her boyfriend.

What is known about the beating of Hayden panettiere?

On the night of 2 may 2019 the lovers Brian Hickerson and Hayden panettiere went to the bar, where he set up a meeting with friends. The school was located near the house of the actress in Los Angeles. After drinking alcohol, the actor began to show aggression against his beloved. He stopped only when law enforcement officers arrived.

The first man was taken into custody, but the next day released. Unknown introduced for Brian Hickerson a Deposit of 50 thousand dollars. In the media I suspect that it was the Heiden, which is in two weeks after beating out for a walk.

While police and the judge forbade the man to get closer to Hayden because of the possible threat to her life. This decision was supported by relatives of the actress, who was in shock from the news of the resonance. They are not seriously worried about her condition and help to cope with psychological stress. At the same time friends Brian don’t hide the fact that he can’t control your actions when you consume alcohol.