Famous actress robbed right outside her house

Известную актрису обокрали прямо у нее дома

Disappeared from the apartment mobile phone of stars.

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The actress Tatyana Vasilyeva, who is being treated for bilateral pneumonia, came two girls and introduced medical staff. After their departure from the house the stars have gone mobile. About the incident said the daughter-in-law of actress Maria Vasilyeva (Bolonkin).

She said that the actions of the “nurses” the original looked weird. They clumsily took a smear artist. The members of the star family who have already passed through this procedure, I noticed that the tests took not the way it should.

According to Maria, then Tatiana Vasilieva moved to another room for a few seconds, and when he returned “nurses” were gone. With them gone and the mobile phone of a celebrity, told instagram story girl. About the loss of valuables not reported.

Now the actress is going to write the statement to the police and to prosecute criminals.

Previously, “Morning. “ru told me that Tatyana Vasilyeva faces a fine for the escape from the hospital.