Famous racing drivers have tested the new winter tires Continental IceContact 3

On the race track near the Finnish town of Kuusamo, which is located in the vicinity of the Arctic circle, the company Continental has completed testing of its new IceContact winter tires 3 with innovative rubber studs ContiFlexStud. As reports a press-service of Continental Tires Rus, in contrast to the long and methodical the factory test the final test was wearing bright and entertaining character.

Participants of this event were required to perform three exercises:

– parallel Parking between two fixed objects when you run the slide 180 degrees, allowing the athletes and the organizers were able to assess the lateral grip of the tires Continental IceContact 3 rubber spike ContiFlexStud;

– jump from a snow ramp, a start from which to fly the greatest possible distance helps fundamentally new tyres, working together with innovative stud;

– slalom, in which the participants had not only to drive fast, winding track, but be sure to bring down the rear part of the body a few rubber balls, forcing them to burst, and which clearly demonstrates the reaction of the tyres on the steering, its grip and predictable behavior.

Particularly acute competition gave the participation of riders from four Nordic countries: a pilot of Lada Sport Rosneft Andrey Petukhov, the pilot of the STCC Micaelli Ahlin-Kottulinsky, the pilot of the Swedish championship ring and a world Cup on rally-cross Tommy Rustad and four-time world champion rally Juha Kankkunen.

During the competition, the challenge, all participants showed great skills, after successfully completing three trials. Therefore, the main winner was unanimously recognized as… new tire Continental IceContact 3 rubber spike ContiFlexStud. That she allowed the eminent drivers to demonstrate consistently good results. Triumph can be recognized and the entire team of developers and testers working on new winter studded model.

Revolutionary ship ContiFlexStud differs from its predecessors with a rubber case around the multi-faceted directed to the carbide tip. Due to the elastic deformation of the rubber sheath allows the spike deeper into the ice, while reducing the beating on the road. This reduces wear of the roadway and acoustic noise. New rubber spike fixed in the protector with the brand thermoadhesive technology (hot bonding) the vulcanisation that has practically solved the problem of the loss of studs during operation.