Fans are wondering where Gauguin Solntsev sent his wife to a sanatorium or a psychiatric institution?

Фанаты гадают, куда Гоген Солнцев отправил жену, в санаторий или психиатрическую лечебницу?

Yet last spring it became known that the outrageous showman Gauguin Solntsev sent 64-year-old wife, Catherine Tereshkovich, in the suburban sanatorium to treat nerves.

Has not passed also month as exalted lady scandal and its with a crash expelled from health institutions early.

Later it turned out that Gauguin didn’t take a violent wife home, where she and her friends managed to empty all stocks of vintage wines, and sent her to convalesce in an elite institution with a strict regime.

In a recent interview with the entertainer announced that there Katya is no different exemplary behavior. According to him, she manages to bring to the hospital alcohol and mix it with serious psychotropic drugs. A cocktail of pills and alcohol causes the Tereshkovich fits of aggression and clinic workers from time to time threaten to turn her in to the police.

And Gauguin reported that they daughter and wife Pauline, decided to go to the hospital to see Katya.

“Met with Mix to go, to see Katyusha in a sanatorium, super mood, despite the weather,” wrote the sun in your Instagram under the photograph with the stepdaughter. Some members noted that Gauguin and Polina look like brother and sister, but most of the fans of the showman was interested in another question, where is Katya, in a sanatorium or mental institution?

Judging by the fact that the Tereshkovich on the pill and are not able to leave the institution is a madhouse that Gauguin affectionately calls the resort. Only in psychiatric hospitals and in rehabilitation centres are treated a craving for alcohol.