Fans disrupted a football match, throwing a firecracker into the side of an arbitrator

Фанаты сорвали футбольный матч, бросив петарду в бокового арбитра

Match of the championship of the Zaporozhye area between “Berdyansk” and “agro lumpy” on Saturday, June 22 and did not finish. In the 22nd minute of the match the fans of “Berdyansk” lit fireworks. Thrown to the side of the field with a firework exploded at his feet the side of an arbitrator, then the chief referee decided the match to continue.

Fans of “Berdyansk” explained his position by the fact that the team is degraded in recent years. And they are not satisfied with the results. After all, the team lost all nine matches in the championship. And the goal difference of 3:52.

“Group “Mountain Law” supports the home club for many years. We have created the emblem of the club, follow the team in the village, which is not even on the map. Do not support Barcelona or Liverpool, and the team of his native city. Latest results 17:0 (against FC Motor), 8:0 (against the “Tavria-SKIF”), all matches of the championship of the region ended with the defeat of the club. The last place in the standings. Three seasons of the degradation of the club. The incompetence of the head coach and the club management forced us to disrupt matches to turn the attention of the public and the leadership of the football Federation to this problem. We demand change of the head coach and the club management. From the new head of the football Federation of Berdyansk – effective and comprehensive support FC “Berdyansk” as the teams representing the city. In the case of non-compliance – we reserve the right to fight for the honor of the club and the city by all legal means. Pyrotechnics and disruption of matches as our last argument”, – reads the statement of the fans of the club.

Now “Berdyansk” expect sanctions from a technical defeat in this match to games without spectators.