Fans of Game of thrones found a suitor for Sansa stark

Поклонники Игры престолов нашли жениха для Сансы Старк

Selection of fans of the fantasy Saga made in favor Gendry – bastard son of Robert Baratheon.

Fans of the popular fantasy series Game of thrones called hero, which can become the husband of the heroine Sansa stark. According to fans, television show, the best candidate is Gendry is the bastard son of Robert Baratheon. This writes IBT.

The upcoming season will reveal key secrets and will also show how in the end the destinies of heroes. Fans in particular are wondering about the possibility of a third marriage of Sansa stark.

“After Gendry marries Sansa, house Baratheon and house stark will finally join” – anticipate fans of the Saga.

It is known that Sansa stark was physically and emotional abused by several men over the past few seasons. Among the offenders Sansa, king Joffrey and the bastard Ramsay Bolton.

Fans believe that if she decides to remarry, then Gendry would be a good choice.