Fans of Volkswagen did not buy ID.3

Любители Volkswagen не стали покупать ID.3

Among the first buyers of a new electric vehicle only 15% of people had previously owned Volkswagen

For the first week from the beginning of official sales of Volkswagen sold in Europe 37 thousand of these electric cars, told the Financial Times the Director of sales of the concern jürgen Stackmann. At the same time the start of deliveries of cars sold to customers again transferred – this time to October 2020.

Stackmann said about who chooses the ID.3. Thus, the average age of buyers of petrol and diesel models of Volkswagen in Europe is 58 years, and buyers ID.3 to 10 years younger. It held men with higher technical education. They live in cities and suburbs but not in rural areas. For most of them ID.3 will be the second car in the family.

Interestingly, 85% of buyers of the electric hatchback has never owned a Volkswagen cars. In this case, opposite petrol hatchback Golf, the share of loyal buyers is 85%. In other words, loyal customers Volkswagen in no hurry to buy new, but her take those earlier machines of this brand was not even looking.

Despite the delay with the start of deliveries, Volkswagen expects to end year to give the customers 60-70 thousand of these machines. Apparently their production started on time, but unprepared was software. Once its mastered already released electric cars will pereproshit and give buyers.