Farage: “Hard brakcet” is not a problem”

Фараж: "Жесткий брексит" - это не проблема"

“Leave means go”. Critics of British Prime Minister Theresa may, speaking a few days ago at the summit in Salzburg with the so-called plan of “the Chequers”, began a campaign for “hard brakcet”. The first rally was held in Bolton in the North West of England. It was attended by ex-Minister of a British exit from the European Union David Davis and former leader of the independence Party of the United Kingdom Nigel Faraj. He is confident that “brakcet” no transaction – no problem”:

“Plan “Checkers” means that one foot we will continue in the European Union. This “brakcet” only in words and not in deeds. This plan is not perfect not only the EU but also to those citizens who voted for “brakcet”. Few people in the party may and in the country generally supports these proposals, so they need to forget.”

At the end of the week Theresa may admitted that the negotiations with the EU have stalled. Her plan to withdraw Britain from the EU has not received the support of European leaders. The Prime Minister hoped that the parties will be able to preserve the principle of free movement of goods, but migration may wanted to limit. Now the head of the British government requires from the European Union’s alternative proposals.

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