Farewell the peak of a downed pilot in the Odessa region

Прощальное пике сбитого летчика в Одесской области

Recently suspended from duty the acting Governor of Odessa region Sergey Parashchenko all sorts of hook or by crook tries to stay afloat. Even despite this dismissal, he is still trying to solve the resonance in the region of the case. We recently wrote about how, in anticipation of your imminent departure from this position, Parashchenko decided to replace the head in Miropolska orphanage that Artsyz district. One of his last orders last post was the dismissal of old Directors and the appointment of a new – Ludmila Josan.

Despite the dissatisfaction and outright rebellion on the part of the employees of the institution, the former acting Governor decided to finish the job and has to appoint a person to the position of Director. So, yesterday Parashchenko, together with the people’s Deputy Anton Kisse came to the orphanage to present local new head.

Met them, to put it mildly, not very hospitable, because, as we wrote earlier, more than 150 employees of the institution categorically against the leadership of Ludmila Josan. However, apparently, the former acting head of the regional administration is a little worried, because judging by his recent actions, he diligently engaged trying to maintain its administrative resources and, moreover, to promote their own people into the ranks of the new government.

Recently, the list of candidates for peoples deputies from the party of the current President “a servant of the People” was seen by Roman Karabacak – the son of the head of Artsyz readministration Yuri Karabacak, who allegedly is a fan of the old regime. The latter, presumably, is close to the Parashchenko, which once again proves the fact that the former acting Governor, presumably in close people trying to take root, if not in their area, so the ranks of the presidential party.

By the way, not surprisingly, to introduce the new head of the labor collective Ternopolskaja of a boarding school Sergey Parashchenko came together with the people’s Deputy Anton Kisse, our area has seen more unusual alliances. The representative of the inhabitants of several districts of Bessarabia in the Supreme Rada, apparently, loves to attend such events. But, despite his experience and many years of work on the post of Deputy, he is not always aware that not in all cases, communication with people is good and useful.