Farmers can be fined half a million for lack of license for the storage of fuel

Аграриев могут оштрафовать на полмиллиона за отсутствие лицензии на хранение топлива

From 1 July 2019 in Ukraine effect of changes made by Law of Ukraine # 2628-VIII, which, in particular, relate to farmers for storage of fuel companies.

We are talking about LP No. 2628-VIII “On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine and some other legislative acts of Ukraine to improve the administration and revision of the rates of certain taxes and fees”.

According to these changes, farmers before July 1 must obtain a license for the storage of fuel on-site.

Those farmers who do not have time to get a license for the storage of fuel until July 1, will pay 500 thousand hryvnias of a penalty, noted in VAR.

In this case, as shown by the results of a survey conducted among members of the VAR, the majority of farmers do not have time until July 1 to issue the documents needed.

“It was attended by more than 100 enterprises. And almost 97% said that they do not have a complete set of documents, and they can’t until 1 July to get them. And penalty for absence of the license – half a million hryvnias”, – explained in the VAR.

To obtain a license, you need to submit the following documents: the right of ownership or use of land where the reservoir is located; the act of commissioning and an act of preparedness of the facility; the permit to perform hazardous work and commencement of operation of machines, mechanisms, equipment of enhanced risk.


For the first quarter of 2019, the export of agricultural products from Ukraine to the EU countries increased compared to the 2018 year is 24.4%.

At the same time because of the inefficiency of the state agricultural enterprises of Ukraine annually loses 1.6 billion.

Earlier, the Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian agrarian glad Denis Marchuk said that more than 70% of farmers consider their business unprotected from raiding.

According to experts, the problem of raiding in recent years it has gained in Ukraine is rampant.

According to statistics of the Prosecutor General, in 2014, in our country there have been more than 1,700 cases of illegal seizure of crops and property. However, the real figure may be twice, because law enforcement officers do not say that the raids are usually registered under other articles and do not fall in the official data.

Read more about the underlying causes of lawlessness read in column EP: “Farmers vs raiders: who is power?”.

Аграриев могут оштрафовать на полмиллиона за отсутствие лицензии на хранение топлива