Fat for weight loss: the healthy product

Сало при похудении: чем полезен продукт

Bacon is not only delicious, but also healthy product, to which many are wary. And in vain, because there is diet fat for weight loss, founded by Polish Dr. J. Kwasniewski, reports golos.ua.

Pork fat is rich in unsaturated acids (40%), selenium and arachidonic acid and it does not affect the formation of cellulite. Diet on pig fat not only helps to lose weight, but also rid your body of toxins, boost immunity, normalize hormones and get rid of harmful cholesterol. Diet fat every day helps to lose weight due to the fact that the use of this product contributes to saturation, and therefore, the nervous system will not suffer from constant hunger.

Healthy eating: a nutritionist told about the basic rules

The human brain is 60% fat, so animal fat is very important to include in the diet. Furthermore, animal fat has less calories than a vegetable and is easier absorbed by the body. Eating on this diet for Breakfast on a slice of black bread and fat, gall bladder and pancreas will work better, and from the body displays accumulated during the night toxins.

Exact diet per day when dieting on fat does not exist. Polish Dr. J. Kwasniewski recommends daily to consume up to 7 eggs, meat and fat in any form, heavy cream, homemade thick cream, milk with a high fat content.

Mistakenly believe that diet fat for weight loss menu which you can make yourself is an easy way to get rid of excess weight. Eating only fatty foods is quite difficult. The body will require vegetable salad or some side dish, but unfortunately, on this diet the consumption of foods rich in fiber, is strictly prohibited. Stick to your diet on fat can be quite long, the main thing that after 3-4 days not lost the desire to lose weight by eating such fatty foods.

Do not forget that the food should not only be fun, but not to have a negative effect on health. So before you go on a diet on fat, you should consult with your doctor.