Father rushed at me with a knife, – Kamaliya told terrible details of his childhood

Отец бросался на меня с ножом, – Камалия рассказала жуткие детали своего детства

Singer Kamaliya is now a successful representative of Ukrainian show-business and the wife of a millionaire Mohammad Zahoor. However, the child star was a witness to the violence, and she suffered from the aggression of the father.

The other day during a broadcast on the TV channel “Ukraine” Diana admitted that her childhood was not easy, because father Victor Sharenkov was a sadist. The artist repeatedly saw how he abused her mom. And when she begged to stop, the man attacked with his fists and Kamaliya.

Was constantly under stress because my dad beat my mom. I cried, asked not to do so. The father then switched to me. I was on the belt of hemorrhages, bruises. The father was a sadist. If it was rage – all
– frankly she said.

It is because of domestic violence Kamaliya became the initiator of the official divorce of parents. The singer did this when I grew up and realized that can not continue.

“I was the initiator of the divorce. Because my mother was afraid to go home, life was hell. We spent the night on the street, he with a knife I threw,” he shared terrifying details of Kamaliya.

For 10 years she did not communicate with his father, a sadist. However, when friends told her about the deplorable situation of the man, she decided to help him. Kamaliya treated Victor Shmarenkova alcohol dependence. The artist doesn’t know if it helped her efforts to establish father’s life.