Father’s day: the history of the holiday

День отца: история праздника

Sunday, June 21, Ukraine will celebrate father’s Day – a holiday designed to remind of the importance of the Pope in the life of every child. In our country, the holiday is very young – officially it was established only last year. But in the world it is celebrated for a long time.

The history of the celebration of father’s Day

As mother’s Day, celebrate father’s Day offered a grateful daughter. Mrs. DoD from the city Spontan wanted to Express my gratitude to my father, who had to raise their six children after their mother died, giving birth to the sixth boy. For the first time the holiday was celebrated on 19 June 1910.

But a national holiday in the USA father’s Day began only in 1966 by President Lyndon Johnson. Gradually the tradition of celebrating father’s Day every third Sunday of June is joined by other countries.

In Ukraine, in 2006 with an initiative to celebrate father’s Day were made by the representatives of the organization international Center of Fatherhood. Subsequently, in support of the initiative has collected 10 thousand signatures under the letter to the President of Ukraine, conducted regional public forums and national forum. In 2009 the Ukrainian public Committee for supporting families and responsible fatherhood announced the annual celebration of the National father’s Day on the third Sunday of September.

In 2019, the then President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on the transfer date of the celebration on the third Sunday of June. The document outlines that one of the goals of the festival – raising the status of men as the father in the upbringing of children.