FAZ: Off the democratic stuff

FAZ: Прочь демократический хлам

“Now more and more like a picaresque novel in which the hero casts a spell upon unwanted partners, discourages them or terminates: Russia is experiencing the beginning of a new era in which Putin wins coronavirus and everything else,” writes on the pages of the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writer Viktor Yerofeyev.

“Who wants to be a lame duck? No politician does not want it! But if your country have democratic institutions, you’ll be a lame duck, will expire when your presidential term. But in Russia we have a lame duck facing an unhappy ending. Authoritarianism of the lame duck ends badly, because the successors are willing to blame them for all the ills. Putin understood this and wisely decided to avoid such a fate. To stay in power forever, Putin will win this summer three serious opponents,” writes the author.

“The first enemy is always historically hostile to the West. If it was not, it would need to come up with. While the West, which eagerly looks askance at Russia’s natural wealth and wants to enslave us with the help of NATO, not at all. It exists only on Russian state television and in the minds of a large number of viewers. Television in Russia – absolutely special friend, he works all day. But what happens in the mind of Putin? Does he believe what he believes? If it is so difficult? Unfortunately, no. As obedient to him TV, Putin believes that the Ukrainian Maidan was the work of Americans. Well, and so forth.”

“The Kremlin is celebrating the great victory over Nazi Germany achieved 75 years ago, and fills it with fresh content – today’s confrontation with the West. And the people treated such propaganda on state television, glues the cars menacing slogan: “Can you repeat that”.

“Putin is as simple as three rubles. Some politicians, both in Russia and abroad, is so impressed by the political survivability of Putin, they are looking for in this ocean depth thoughts and machiavellistic tricks. However, he is entirely composed of special operations. This is its integrity, and tactical superiority. When you ascended to the throne in Russia, you have to show a grin. Real happiness is Putin’s victory. From the very childhood. To win in court, win in any sport, to win and to climb the career ladder in the KGB, in Leningrad city hall in the Kremlin. In sports victory reached its climax at the Olympic games in Sochi with doping scandals. The RAID successors of the KGB culminated in the war with Georgia and the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine. When you’re primitive, you know that everybody loves a winner. And if you judge, then turn it so the sentence you are not caught. Did Putin”, – said Yerofeyev.

“His second victory over Yeltsin’s Constitution. This year in Russia under the sign of the ejection of the Western democratic decorations. Consider them garbage! Now no international court will not be more important than the Russian constitutional court. Now Russia will enter God into the Constitution and declare itself the successor of the anti-religious Soviet Union – this cocktail is some appalling”.

“But the main reason why everything was started, is a metamorphosis of the lame duck Putin (in 2024 he would have to resign from the post of President) in the eternal Swan. If he wants, he will rule until 2036 and will break all records of a political marathon. How would hot nor outraged the liberal opposition led by Aleksei Navalny, Putin very soon will become a real king,” says the author.

“Each year it will further tighten the screws, such is the nature of autocracy. It will strangle the liberal opposition and at the same time will not destroy it to the end, to detect corruption in the higher echelons of power. So it will keep the government under elite control. He will maintain a tough policy of confrontation with the West, always on the verge of a serious conflict to Russia as a nuclear power taken seriously. This confrontation will guarantee the internal cohesion of our not particularly advanced in the economic sense of the country and the stability of the regime.”

“The Russian story, more like a picaresque novel in which the hero casts a spell upon, discourages or eliminates unwanted partners. Partners Vladimir Putin ironically calls all the Western States, from Germany to the United States who oppose its policies,” said Yerofeyev.

“Russia, thanks to the authoritarian matrix, ready for the ever-ruling leaders, Putin won’t be an exception, but rather a confirmation of the rules,” the article says.

“The third Putin’s victory, the victory over coronavirus, is magic. As a magician, Putin told him to stop, not to interfere with the economy or normal people’s lives, and virtually at the peak of coronavirus stopped immediately. A dramatic number of infections suddenly began to fall. Regarding mortality, the magic operates almost from the beginning. People have died from anything, but only not from the coronavirus”.

“Now, the Kremlin believes that the time has come hastily to defeat all the enemies! A parade was held, enthusiastically adopt a new Constitution. Putin wins on all fronts, especially against the backdrop of unrest in America and the shock of Europe, caused by a terrible disease. The picaresque novel continues. But for every rogue one day the curtain will fall,” concludes Erofeev.

FAZ: Прочь демократический хлам

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