FBU is disqualified, the coach and Manager of Barista because of the transition of a boxer to the professionals

The Boxing Federation of Ukraine on its official website announced its position regarding unexpected turn Pro heavyweight Victor Varista, which was to participate in the license tournament for the Olympic games-2020.

Спорт24 wrote that Vyhrist announced the transition to the professionals on 29 January and the next day received debut opponent. On a professional ring the Victor will not act under his own name and as Victor Faust.

The application is submitted to the Russian translation:

“The decision to deny Victor Barista to stop playing with the national team of Ukraine reported on 27 January personal trainer of boxer Alexander Showy in conversation with the head coach. That is, the day before the signing of Victor Varistor professional contract. Up to this point the Boxing Federation of Ukraine has not received any reports of possible Vykhryst desire to go into professional Boxing and to stop playing with the national team of Ukraine.

All-Ukrainian public organization of Federation of Boxing of Ukraine as a whole is outraged about this event. In our opinion, such actions are unprofessional, unsportsmanlike and unethical in relation to the state Federation, to my teammates, coaching staff and Ukrainian Boxing as a whole. That is, all relevant participants in the preparation of members of national teams of Ukraine, who for many years has invested time, resources and finances to the education and training of the athlete. We are talking about funding for training camps, travel to international tournaments, equipment, etc.

We also believe that this incident could negatively affect the prospects of the members of the National team of Ukraine in the weight category of 91 kg to participate in the next Olympics. This means that in case of force majeure or injury, the champion of Ukraine Odessa 2019 Tsotne Rogava actually, our team will have a worthy and suitable replacement.

Recall that within weeks, the national team of Ukraine in Boxing will make his first qualifying start in the qualification for the Olympic games. From 13 to 23 March in London, our team will take part in the European qualification tournament. In March of the next scheduled qualifying start – World licensed tournament.

Given the incident and its possible consequences, the Boxing Federation of Ukraine will initiate the holding of emergency meetings with the leadership of the Ministry of culture, youth and sport for the development of effective mechanisms to prevent such incidents.

According to the already disclosed information, the only reason Victor Barista to stop playing with the national team of Ukraine was the signing of a professional contract with one of the promotional organizations.

As you know, unfortunately, between professional and Olympic Boxing there are a number of misunderstandings and there is no uniform concept of development of Boxing. This, unfortunately, leads to situations that are exceptionally negatively affect the development of Boxing in Ukraine. Thus, from the National team pull the best athletes, which the whole country has high hopes, and the preparation of which is spent significant budget funds and the FBU.

The Boxing Federation of Ukraine and the Ministry of culture, youth and sports is and has always been on the side of the athletes and their coaches. We regularly conduct complex joint actions to improve the infrastructure for training, training, financial support, etc. One of our key tasks is to create conditions in which Ukrainian Boxing will evolve to a new level, and will raise the prestige of our country in the world. However, we must also protect the interests of the state to the professional actions of certain commercial structures that are not in the interests of Ukrainian sport and inflict significant losses on the eve of decisive for Ukraine sporting events.

Given the above, the Executive Committee of Boxing Federation of Ukraine has decided to initiate before the FTC FBU the following:

  1. To disqualify a personal trainer Victor Alexander Varista Lanovogo from participation as a coach and second boxers at the Championships and Cups of Ukraine in Boxing in all age groups for a period of 3 years;
  2. To Express no confidence in the Manager Victor Barista Andriy Kotelnik and forbid him to participate in all official events of the FBU, including Championships and Cups of Ukraine in Boxing, in all age groups as a coach or official representative of Federation of Boxing of the city, and so forth, for a period of 3 years;
  3. To Express no confidence in the management of Boxing Federation of the city of Lviv, whose President was recently elected Andriy Kotelnik, in connection with the assumption of the situation which led to the loss of our state’s leading boxer on the eve of an extremely important license starts.”

We will remind, Victor Vykhryst for many years was part of the National team of Ukraine on Boxing among men. Is a multiple champion of Ukraine. Played in the professional Boxing club “Ukrainian atamans”. Winner and medalist of international tournaments of the highest category. The first major title won in 2017, having won gold at the European Championship on Boxing among men, which was held in Kharkov. In 2019 confirmed as the strongest boxer of Europe, becoming the champion of the European games in Minsk the national team of Ukraine.