FC Lviv in prolific match defeated “Dnepr-1”, Gueye was sent off: video

ФК "Львов" в сверхрезультативном матче одолел "Днепр-1", Гуйе получил удаление: видео

Monday, August 26, in the match of the fifth round of Ukrainian Premier League “Dnipro-1” lost in a meaningful match of FC “Lviv”.

Dnepr-1 – Lions 2:3

Goals: Field, 56, Kulish, 67 Renan, 34, Pernambuco, 51, Bus, 89 (foams.)
Removal: Gueye (88)

Team very actively started the match, creating moments one by one until the 34th minute of the guests managed to open the scoring in the game.

The goalkeeper failed to clear the ball away from their half of the field, after which Renan mocking threw the ball into the empty net from outside the penalty area – 0:1. Also in the first half has been a very unpleasant experience when Safronov and Pedro bumped heads.

In the second part of the match, “Dnepr-1” smog capital to change the direction of the game. First Dnipro conceded the second goal – FC Barcelona gave to the corridor between Romaniuk and Gueye, and Pernambuco calmly beat Klimaka in the melee.

However, after 5 minutes the hosts managed to open the score on the scoreboard. Field from the left corner of the penalty area after great discounts Kulish from outside the penalty area hammered at the gates of Lviv.

And 10 minutes the score was already equal, when the assist has become an attempt Bulary to a shot in one-touch cross from the left flank from the Field. Kulish is already shot from the front of the Upright on the goal line.

However, the visitors proved more resistant and were able to snatch victory at the end of the game. On 88 minutes, Gueye in the penalty area was hit by a Bus and earned a penalty kick into his own net. In turn, the Tire is perfectly struck in the lower left corner, and the goalkeeper went in the opposite direction to the ball.

Thus, the “lions” climbed to the 7th position in the standings of the Premier League (6 points) . “Dnepr-1” dropped to the 9th position with 5 points.

Video of goals and video review of the match Dnipro-1 – Lviv