FDA responded sharply to the clubs on a single telepole, but nothing you can do about it

В УПЛ резко ответили клубам относительно единого телепула, но ничего не смогут поделать

The Ukrainian Premier League and Broadcasting company “Ukraine” (which includes the TV channels futbol 1 and futbol 2) concluded an agreement to broadcast all games of the Premier League over the next three seasons. However, four clubs have not agreed on the creation of a single telepole.

Four of the club is “Dynamo”, “dawn”, “Desna” and “Dnepr-1”. According to preliminary data, they have concluded agreements with the media holding “1+1” (which includes TV channel “2+2” and “UNIAN”). However, the Premier League said that the clubs had violated the law.

“The Premier League said clubs that did not agree with the decision regarding a single broadcaster in a letter that this is not legitimate and is not in the interests of the League as a whole and most of the clubs in particular,” – said in a statement on the website of the Premier League.

The President of UPL Thomas Grimm in the comments football.ua explained what the violation.

Clubs have no authority to sell their telepraca other channels. Telarah, media rights belong to the Premier League, so clubs do not have the right to sell their TV channel “2+2”,
– said Thomas Grimm.

“However, in response to numerous speculations on future steps, including legal, arising from this situation, the FDA States that it intends to avoid escalation of the situation, will not allow a new conflict or controversial situations. Because the FDA currently does not intend to raise the issue of imposition of disciplinary sanctions against clubs who refuse to cooperate with the Official broadcaster and the Official broadcaster will attempt to gain access to the stadiums of these clubs against their will”, – assured in the Premier League.

The “Dynamo” and “dawn” and then plan to show their matches on the channel “2+2”.

Yes, we received a letter from the FDA. Despite this, we will continue to broadcast home games on TV “2+2” and “UNIAN”. Sanctions from the Premier League? And what are the penalties? Well, they will remove the Dynamo and Zorya in Cup, what’s next?
– said the Director of “Dawn” Sergey Rafailov.

Therefore, while it is not clear which channels will broadcast the matches of these four clubs. On Wednesday, July 31, “Dnepr-1” will play the home match against Marseille. “Desna” is the first home match will play on Saturday, August 3, against Vorskla. Zarya the first home match will play Sunday, 4 August, against the “Dnepr-1”. Dynamo will play at home for the first time as many as 10 August (base date) against Shakhtar.