Fear of Putin’s Prosecutor General’s office suspected “godfather” of Medvedchuk treason

Побойтесь Путина: Генпрокуратура заподозрила «кума» Медведчука в госизмене

Statement of policy on providing Donbass autonomy can be a tricky course to demonstrate to the public how Ukraine demonized leader of Russia.

In anticipation of the main political show of Ukraine things are heating up. Poroshenko warns rivals against the rash and even started to demonstrate his power. So, for example, too freedom-loving statements, Western politicians have asked Zelensky, if he fears the revenge of the radicals, apparently hinting at the necessity of your patronage. Also got Medvedchuk, whose daughter believe to be Putin’s goddaughter. The Prosecutor General’s office suspected “godfather” of Vladimir Putin of treason and hurried to open a criminal case, as reported by Larisa Sargan, the official representative of Department.

Medvedchuk suspected of treason in connection with his vision of political and territorial structure of the country. He announced that the DNR and LNR should be given the status of Autonomous republics, with the ability to form their own government and Parliament on the basis of the internal interests of the republics.

Statement of opposition to the Prosecutor’s office regarded as a public call to redraw the borders of the state and the support of separatism. But most importantly, the political views of Medvedchuk contribute to the management of Russia’s subversive activities in Ukraine. Moreover, with the leader of the “aggressor” policies bind the ties of kinship.

Victor Medvedchuk has long been considered the “grey Eminence” of Ukraine. Despite the fact that it does not occupy public office, he has extensive contacts with the elite and his influence on politics is undeniable. But his desire to establish with Russia a mutually beneficial dialogue periodically becomes a “bone in the throat” presumptuous officials Square.

Some analysts believe that Medvedchuk purposely decided on a public statement of the unpopular “anti” ideas to open the eyes of ordinary Ukrainians to deceit and unscrupulous manipulation of the government. Instead of having to summon the mighty Russian “the godfather” or shout loudly “fear of Putin”, he demonstrates complete peace of mind. In light of the fact that Ukrainian politicians in the case and then immediately run to complain to the EU or US for infringement of the rights and provocation of Russia, thus showing people who is the true master of Ukraine, Medvedchuk shows the absolute autonomy and independence, that is, those qualities that the Ukrainian people have declared the principal virtues of the nation.

Perhaps such “provocation” will indeed lead Ukrainians in the feelings and they will remember that in Russia there are no demons, but there are brothers Slavs, who are patiently waiting for the opportunity to start a constructive dialogue.

Побойтесь Путина: Генпрокуратура заподозрила «кума» Медведчука в госизмене

Побойтесь Путина: Генпрокуратура заподозрила «кума» Медведчука в госизмене