Feast your eyes on a rare “six” with red interior and low mileage

Полюбуйтесь на редкую «шестерку» с красным салоном и мизерным пробегом

Blogger Roma Urraco was found in Kharkov with the owner of the VAZ-21063, released in 1990. Apart from the rare cherry color and red interior, this bitch has a modest mileage 2,225 miles.

For the first time the blogger has heard about this car in late 2018, when it was put up for sale. Then the run was about two thousand kilometers. The sedan quickly found a new owner, but he goes by “six” is very rare and carefully protects it. With “time capsule” buyer part is not going to.

The sedan has retained the status of a new car: body parts and interior elements look intact. On the rear door Windows, even the factory markings. Included with the machine are a set of tools, new spare tire and manual.

VAZ-21063 was produced from 1979 to 1994. This modification of the “six” was equipped with a carbureted 1.3, with a capacity of 69 horsepower paired with a four-speed “mechanics”.