Feast your eyes on the truly monstrous Audi A1 (VIDEO)

Полюбуйтесь на действительно чудовищный Audi A1 (ВИДЕО)

A great way to get the neighbors to hate you – “pocket rocket” named One of One from Atelier ABT.

This is not the first project of the famous tuners at the base of the compact Audi, but certainly the most crazy. And it’s not even the extremely-extravagant appearance, and in the power unit. In a compact engine compartment is a small hatch settled a two-liter turbo engine designed for circuit racing, engine racing Audi TT Cup.

In stock form, the engine develops 310 HP, is already noticeable more than ever ever under the hood of the Audi A1 (including limited series). But, first, with overbust short-term impact of the motor can be raised up to 340 HP, and secondly, ABT said that I managed to squeeze two litres about 400 HP – and it puts the baby Audi A1 one step, for example, the Mercedes-AMG A 45 or even a basic version of the Porsche 911. Pressure on the ears of the neighbors hot hatch helps specially designed exhaust system.

A ruffle in the eyes of observers Audi A1 One of One is due to the specially designed two-tone “polygon” livery and extremely aggressive body kit. It includes new bumpers and flared wings (they are hiding the 19-inch wheels), massive spoiler and a powerful diffuser, and a different bonnet and door sills.

From the couch the second row in the hatch refused completely, replacing it with a safety frame (rear door is also brewed), and the front seats gave way to racing to the “buckets”. Salon “mad stool” is almost completely a non-glare finished in Alcantara and carbon fiber.

The dynamic characteristics are not yet known. Perhaps this is due to the fact that ABT still continue to work with the suspension and engine settings, but we already know to replicate the project. One of One, as the name implies, will be the only V.