Features of Intel Pentium and Celeron Gold published online

Характеристики процессоров Intel Pentium Gold и Celeron опубликовали в сети

In the plans of Intel for the near future included the announcement of the new desktop processors of family Pentium Celeron and Gold. Note that new items before release showed up on the websites of European retailers.

As reported by AnandTech, CPU data using 14-nanometer microarchitecture Coffee Lake, supported motherboards Intel 300 series (subject to firmware updates UEFI) designed for use in low-cost PCs for home and office.

Among the many novelties it is possible to allocate the Pentium chip Gold G5620, which is the first Intel Pentium with an operating frequency of 4 GHz and Pentium Gold G5600F with a disabled graphics core.

Those who decide to assemble a system based on the second CPU, you will have to get a discrete video card. Brief technical characteristics of new solutions, Celeron and Pentium are given in the table.

Features Intel Pentium Gold the Intel Celeron

 Cores / threadsFrequency, GHzL3 cache MBDeadraTDP, watts
Pentium Gold G56202 / 44,04UHD 63054
Pentium Gold G5600F2 / 43,9454
Pentium Gold G54202 / 43,84UHD 63054
Pentium Gold G5600T2 / 43,34UHD 61035
Pentium Gold G5420T2 / 43,24UHD 61035
Celeron G49502 / 23,32UHD 61054
Celeron G49302 / 23,22UHD 61054
Celeron G4930T2 / 23,02UHD 61035

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