Features Ukrainian Inostranka: how finkompany earn by killing the industry

Особенности украинского инвестрынка: как финкомпании зарабатывают, убивая промышленность

In the spring of 2020 in the Ukrainian information space was again ignited the hype around the legacy left us “Delta Bank” and the company who bought the rights to the infamous debts of the financial institution. We are talking about financial company “Inventories Vesta”. Repurchase the debt obligations from the burnt-out banks, the company, which is credited with Russian roots, chose a very specific model.

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The founder of “Inventories” Andrei Volkov for more than 10 years worked in “Alfa-Group” – the Russian financial structure, famous far beyond the borders of the Russian Federation their schemes in the fight for the assets. In Ukraine, the “alpha” was clearly marked by a long struggle with Norway’s Telenor for mobile operator “Kyivstar”.

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The Founder Of “Inventories” Andrey Volkov

It is not surprising that “Investors” turned out so similar to “alpha” company, which is not always interested in public opinion, justice, relativistic attitude to the rule of law. The head of the corner only its own profit. This group was so rattled that for Western consumers, they had to rebrand to work in London under the old name was awkward.

Same, well characterizing Volkova, was the choice of the current partners, among which the media call Paul Fuchs – a businessman with a controversial reputation, moved in 2015 from Russia to Ukraine, but according to some media reports, is still associated with Russia and who is the conductor of Kremlin’s influence in Ukraine.

Falling push

One of the victims “investment businessmen” in Ukraine became the assets of Konstantin Zhevago. Big businessman, at one time even was the oligarch. Have to admit, the choice of “Inventories Vesta” has made it very successful. After the collapse of his Bank “Finance and Credit” during the Great bankopada, Zhevago has hard times.

“Inventories Vesta” bought from the Deposit guarantee Fund had loans payable of one of the industrial assets Zhevago producer of tires “Rosava” in the White Church. Had “Rosava” just “Finance and credit”. And now “Inventories Vesta” is working to absorb only after death “Dneproshina” domestic producers of tires.

In fact, the company the situation with claims of “Inventories Vesta” I don’t want to comment. “You know, now there is a bankruptcy procedure”, – told in urodele “Rosava”. To understand the employees. Now you will tell unflattering details about the cost of actually buying a business and how much it really costs, and tomorrow the new owner whistleblowers will be shown the door.

The situation is similar in the enterprise “Kremenchug” (trade name “Farro”), which is in orbit Zhevago. The Board does not comment on the judicial claim of “Inventories Vesta”, which appeared in the register of court decisions.

But Zhevago is not the only one who was in mind of people from the “West”. Another casualty from the “investors” turned out to be the company “Vostok solar”. So, the Director of “East Solara” Anatoly Staritsyn said about raider attack “Vesta” on the enterprise. The attack was carried out not just in the judicial field: the company searches were carried out, and employees were pressured by law enforcement agencies.

However, we cannot say that “Investors” selects only those of the company. Raking a wide dragnet, they fished in the depths of the collapsed banks and a very lively enterprise owners who do not have to hide. But not disappear as good? So was attacked by a Group of companies T. B. Fruit Taras businessman Mordovskogo, Delo.ua already wrote about this story. “Frontoviki” before the fall “Delta Bank” repaid their debts by “collapse” (the settlement of the chain of debt between the Bank and a number of enterprises) in cooperation with world famous company-Cargill, which is a legal procedure.

But that didn’t stop the raiders – in the course went run-in the other a tool of pressure by bringing law enforcement officers.

In November 2019 the company at auction conducted by the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals ‘ deposits, redeemed the rights of requirements of 6.19 billion of debt, “Yablunevyi gift” and “Tank TRANS” before liquidated “Delta Bank”, and now, apparently, uses criminal proceedings as a lever of pressure on the Ukrainian business. However, the claim “Inventories Vesta” are highly contentious.

“Inventories” loses in the courts against T. B. Fruit, but don’t despair – legs feed the wolf. From experience, a well-established “alpha” “investitsionniy” organize the real judicial “trolling”. The courts are swamped with lawsuits from nagging to detail, the language thus delayed decision-making in fact. For the raiders, this scheme is always best. He spends a few hours of a lawyer’s work, and the company loses thousands of hours of work, receives a problem for banking services (try to take credit for business that lined the plea). Yes, the work of lawyers is not cheap, but simple industrial enterprise costs are orders of magnitude more expensive than the most expensive lawyers.

One more stroke, also inherited from the “alpha” – information attack. According to the lawyers of T. B. Fruit, a number of reviews of “Investees” for the media are incomplete, skillfully distort reality in the eyes of people not steeped in the issues.

Fine line

“Where does the police ends and where is benny?”, – asked the hero of Babel, the victim of Tzion Creek. The same question arises when trying to understand where the end of investment activity, and begins raiding.

Redemption right of claim of debt has become extremely popular scheme of legalization of the debt collection activities of raiding for a long time – for the participants of the financial markets, it is not a secret. And the very essence of work with problem debts leads to the fact that the participants in the schemes become predators. Having outside the financial crisis, which in Ukrainian conditions complicated by years of war in the East and the devaluation of the destroyed markets and other issues in the debt markets survive only those who place maximum demands at the minimum debts, winding them all the possible penalties and interest. And in addition, supports a kind word negotiator brute force and by all means pressure.

If we open the register of judgments and bung in search of “Inventories Vesta” – read we will be provided for many months. The company is suing in the courts of all regions and of all levels with a lot of legal and physical entities.

Those who ever in your life hired a lawyer, it is clear without further explanation, such a dense work in the courts comes money. But it is not limited to this. The above-mentioned the Director of “Vostok solar” has already told the media that in addition to commercial litigation his opponents attempted to criminalize the economic activities, to uncooperative victims pressured and law enforcement agencies. And those who tried at least once in their life effective to resolve the issue with the involvement of law enforcement, knows that it’s even more expensive than sue. And we don’t even allude to any bribery and other crime going on the investigators, filing of documents, monitoring of investigations, as a party to the process, also carried out by lawyers and costs a lot of money. And bribery – even greater.


The question arises. Who is behind such an aggressive company and enabling it so effectively to push in the courts and outside of them the resistance of their victims? According to the analytical system s Youcontrol the founders of the financial company “Inventories Vesta” are Andrey Volkov with a modest 1% to OOO “Investories partners Ukraine”, which is wholly owned by the Cyprus “of Investories partners LTD”, and the ultimate beneficiary is Antoniou Konstantinos.

As mentioned above, Andrei Volkov is not an ordinary financier. In 2014 he headed the financial services Commission, and in 2006-2009 was head of the Board of “Alfa-Bank (Ukraine)”. Media wrote that the appointment of Volkov to the post of head of the financial services Commission lobbied STRIKE group, as well as the people’s Deputy Vitaly Homutynnik.

And the attack on the “East solar”, reported by the media, stood Paul Fuchs, who, according to the “24 TV channel”, controlled the financial company “Vesta”. Also media did not go unnoticed cooperation of Paul Fuchs and Vitaly Homutynnik.

According to the lawyers of one of the companies who managed to persuade him to frankness on condition of anonymity, managers of “Inventories Vesta” clearly advise the former employees of “Delta Bank”. Too well they understand the business and nuances of the company that shared this data with the Bank where took the credit, but not devoted to the details anyone in the “Inventories”.

In addition, Delo.ua became aware of the fact that advises “investment businessmen” in matters of outright raiding certain Andrey Dudnik, occupying a sufficiently high position of Deputy General Director-President of the company EastOne. In the Polish edition of “business Pulse” (Puls Biznesu), he commented the situation around the T. B. Fruit as the representative of “Inventories Vesta”. What, no secret that is fully dedicated to the company’s business and is addressing this issue actively. In the article he stated that “Investitionen” at that time (March 2020) managed to “obtain” two small asset T. B. Fruit in Ukraine. Later it became known that this non-performing assets that were transferred by the legal procedure.

Isn’t that a typical business model: aggressive acquisitions, the willingness to sue, the pressure and promiscuous and tools? The probability that the newly appeared investors raider tainted are the same dealers who have destroyed a large Bank and was among those who nearly buried the Ukrainian banking system during bankopada 2014-2015 – high. And now they are implementing a small part of the country gesheft, ready for short-term profits to bury industrial enterprises, and retain the ashes.

The question is, how long will law enforcement be close to such a strong “activity” of the eye? After all, deliberately to put a spoke in the wheel and finish off the Ukrainian economy in difficult times – even outright crime.

Особенности украинского инвестрынка: как финкомпании зарабатывают, убивая промышленность

Особенности украинского инвестрынка: как финкомпании зарабатывают, убивая промышленность

Особенности украинского инвестрынка: как финкомпании зарабатывают, убивая промышленность