February 1: what a holiday today

February 1 is the 32nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Until the end of the year is 333 days.

On this day Orthodox believers revere the memory of St. Sabbas of Storozhev, St. Peter Skipetrov, blessed Theodore of Novgorod, the Saint Mark’s Eugenics, the monk Macarius the Roman, of St. Macarius the caves.

February 1 birthday Makar, Mark, Peter, Anton, Yefim, Arseniy, Theodore and Nicholas.

1 February in the national calendar

In Russia Matthew called isnotation. This nickname was given not just because on this day the ancestors of judged, what will be the spring.

For example, good clear weather talked about the fact that spring will come soon, but the Blizzard of February 1 meant that the carnival will be snow and wind.

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