February 18 the price of jewelry will increase to 280%

С 18 февраля цены на ювелирные изделия вырастут до 280%

State enterprise rewrote assay rates. Now the stigma of sample cost jewelry much more expensive.

February 18, 2019, depending on the required procedure, the prices will rise from 30 to 280%.

For example, the cost per print samples on silver by laser will grow from 1.01 UAH. to 3.11 UAH. without VAT, per gram of the product (208%).

Mechanical test (the most popular among producers and of the population) will cost market participants were 2.32 UAH. instead of 0.61 UAH. (by 280%). Branding of gold became too expensive by about 20%.

Rates of silver was equated in value to gold. Therefore most of all for the consumer will rise in price is silver jewelry, writes UBR.ua.

“In quantitative terms, silver is 60% sales, 20% – gold products. Another 20% is diamond jewelry. The latest price of innovations will not affect. Because in their price the cost of the metals and minor brands,” say the experts in the jewelry field.

According to experts, the rise in the cost of jewelry made of silver will be from 8 to 15%, depending on mass and initial price. Most affected small decoration, where the low price. Gold jewelry also will rise in price – not less than 5%.

Along with this, hasn’t gone down 10% fee (of the value of the base metal in the alloy), which is payable when submitting articles on branding in the state enterprise of assay control.

Thus, taking into account new tariffs and collection services for the testing and branding are comparable with the cost of the work themselves jewelers.

“We’ve lost half of manufacturers in consequence of the introduction of upfront fees. In early 2015, it was 1180 producers, in 2018 there are already 663. We have lost about 44% of the production capacity. The market and without that continued to fall. The new tariffs can force those who remained, if not close, then escape into the shadows, and not to clamitia officially. Get new clients there will be much more difficult,” – said the head of the Union of jewelers of Ukraine Dmytro Vydolob.

According to the forecasts of financiers, banking gold (999.9) will go up for 2019 prices will move within $1200-1400.