Fedorov presented the Ministry’s digital transformation: what are its objectives and goal

Федоров презентовал Министерство цифровой трансформации: каковы его задачи и цель

The Minister for the digital transformation Mikhail Fedorov presented his Agency. In particular, the official explained, what will the newly created on, and published its task. Also Fedorov presented the team.

The state of the smartphone: what is it

The main purpose of the newly created Ministry of digital transformation is the implementation of the program “the State of the smartphone”. As explained Fedorov is when a large number of Ukrainians has smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc., has access to the Internet, understands how to use these devices and at the same time they don’t notice state. Since the state is transformed into a convenient and intuitive service, like Uber, Airbnb, Booking.com. That is, if you want to use some service, you easily can do it, taking out a smartphone and not feeling miserable. The conviction Fedorov, today the Ukrainians, when faced with government agencies, actually feel unhappy.

The state of the smartphone: what problems exist today in Ukraine

Fedorov said that his team had done extensive research, interviewing 90 thousand people.

“We wanted to find out how people in Ukraine understand the concept of a “state within a smartphone.” And today Ukrainians perceive the state as a system that cannot provide quality service. Willing to cooperate with the government, people feel humiliated, wasting your time and has large problems to get from him what you want. Today the primary Association of such interaction – stress, “says Fedorov.

To solve this problem, the newly created Ministry wants to create the most comfortable country in the world.

Another problem is that Ukrainians don’t understand how to use the service, there are many different sites and they belong to different ministries. In addition, today a lot of sites don’t work properly – at least, it is impossible even to register, where most of the information is complex and incomprehensible for ordinary people.

The Minister stressed that will solve this problem single portal, so that all services were in one place, on one site or in one app. So, if a person wants to use some service from the state, it is now not difficult, some of the ministries it provides.

The third issue identification: today, Ukrainians are hard not only to get a digital signature and and use it. To address this, a new Ministry of digital transformation will be engaged in implementing such simple methods of identification like cards with a digital signature, Mobile ID and Smart ID. As a result, the Ukrainians will have the opportunity to sign any document directly from your smartphone and at the same time, will not will need to go.

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