“Feel unpunished”: an expert on why Russia is not afraid of the consequences

"Чувствуют себя безнаказанными": эксперт о том, почему Россия не боится последствий

The Kremlin has resorted to aggressive actions, because he’s not afraid too “neat” of European security. Russia continues its “mission” to continue with impunity organize riots in the West.

This was stated by first Vice-President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Vladimir Gorbulin writes “Mirror of week. Ukraine”.

So, Gorbulin believes that Putin’s actions is a direct consequence of European policy in the field of security.

Moscow willingly and with impunity connects to organize protests in several countries of the continent. Testing the political stability of Europe continues

– he explained.

This scientist believes that the current circumstances for Washington were challenging.

“Trump is in the clinch with a significant part of the American political establishment. For two years Congress has done a lot to limit the White house in strategic decision-making in domestic and foreign policy. However, there are limits and such control, and trump felt them,” said said.

He also noted that increasing worldwide wave of political populism and protest activity. It actively uses Russia.

“In Europe there is a systemic crisis of visionary. A sense of disintegration of Europe is enhanced than actively using Moscow. Europe and the West in General is not enough resource during the cold war – a sense of unity, unity against a common threat,” – said said.