Feline handed the indictment in the case of threats Zelensky: “we Will wait for the President in a courtroom as a victim”

Федине вручили обвинительный акт по делу об угрозах Зеленскому: «Будем ждать президента в зале суда в качестве потерпевшего»

President Zelensky took the opportunity to withdraw his statement against MP Sofia Fedina, so it would be waiting in the court room as the victim.

Fedina said that today she was handed the indictment in the “case of the victim” Zelensky.

“Really, this indictment is the result of the so-called investigation, after the presentation of the indictment the case is referred directly to the court. We Marusya (Marusia volunteer Zviroby. – Ed.) and other defendants in similar cases were still of the opinion that the President does not want to be lowered to the level of the victim, it’s possible that someone framed. But until the case is referred to court, and this court must come to the victim, and he should say, what are we so frightened that he was so scared, and what there is in our words, the threat to his life”, – said the MP.

“I want to emphasize, what words to me charged with a crime is three sentences “you know, there’s fire”,”you know, there grenades are broken”, “Someone thinks he’s immortal.” That is, these three things that relate directly to the withdrawal of troops in Gold and then was captured and our positions and killed soldiers as a result of those allotments created new minefields, separable captured our positions, it turns out there is no fire, it turns out this threat,” said Fedin.

She called such cases a step towards the total censorship in the country and recalled that the case had spent significant state resources. “In my case involved at least 9 investigators, 13 prosecutors. Just for the examination spent 80 000 hryvnia, only for salaries for one month spent several hundred thousand hryvnia. It turns out that the greater threat to the existence of the state does not exist,” – said the MP.

“This process will be returned to us in a different direction. We will judge the President Zelensky as the victim, we judge the RRG and the General Prosecutor’s office as those who betrayed Ukraine”, – summed up the MP today can talk about the mode Zelensky”