Female names, the winner of which successfully marry

Женские имена, обладательницы которых удачно выходят замуж

Esoterics believe that the name affects not only the nature but also the fate. They proved that the girls with three names are always successful marriages. So who is so lucky in life? Try to understand the article.


If you translate the meaning of the name, it means peace and quiet. These features attract many men. About girls with the name Anna had a lot of suitors. Women happy in life and marriage. Anna has the patience of angel. One is sincere and faithful. Anne’s kindness is infinite.

All these advantages like a spouse, men are willing to carry his wife in his arms. In the family are no serious conflicts. Anna prefers to allow the words, and not to bring the dispute before the scandal.


Girls with this name is an enviable companion for life. Love them and love the second half. Women with the name Faith is beautiful and smart. She’s a great hostess, a good wife and caring mother.

This person manages everything:

on the farm to make things: to cook, to wash, to clean and wash;

Faith always enjoys upbringing of the child;

she is not hard to pay attention to her husband.

Girls with this name is never boring. They will always find a topic of conversation, can laugh and smooth out the rough edges.

Faith will always find kind words of support for her husband. Will help him in business development. Men for these women will go to any feats: folded mountains, pluck the stars from the sky.


If you translate the meaning of the name, it translates as a bright and pure soul. Girls with this name to attract people, most of them are good. They seem to illuminate everything around him. If they ask for help, girls Olga never fails. Will do everything in their power.

Olga choose a spouse with a good heart. Husband women with this name are positive people. The house always has an abundance. Olga attracts success and money. What men love these women:

thrift – their house is always the order, cleanliness and delicious smells of cakes;

love and affection to the children;

always welcome guests and friends;

find common ground-in-law and parents-in-law;

girls always show attention, care and affection to their husbands.

Olga, in spite of the success in life, it is not envious. It is as if surrounded by a magical protection from negativity.