Ferocious “Mangkhut”: the victims of the Typhoon have already become 25 people

Свирепый "Мангхут": жертвами тайфуна уже стали 25 человек

At least 25 people were victims of the Typhoon “Mangkhut” in the Philippines. On Saturday, he reached the coast of Luzon, where torrential rains led to massive floods and landslides.

By estimations of weather forecasters, “Mangkhut” came from the Pacific ocean, became the strongest Typhoon this year. Gusts of winds reached 285 km/h.

Torn roofs, fallen trees – the result of the disaster had disrupted transportation and knocked out power lines. About 100 thousand people were evacuated from coastal areas in special centres.

All in all, the zone of passage of the Typhoon were more than four million people. On Sunday, tropical cyclone, according to weather forecasts, will reach Hong Kong.

“Last night we didn’t sleep. For us fishermen, it is a disaster. On TV we saw what the Typhoon,” says one of the inhabitants of coastal fishing villages.

The Hong Kong authorities announced the maximum level of storm warnings. Local residents are stocking food, drinking water to survive the disaster, which is already in the next few hours, threatens to paralyze the region is one of the most densely populated in the world.

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