Ferrari hypercar will star in the sequel to the cult French movie

Гиперкар Ferrari снимется в сиквеле культового французского кино

We are talking only about the short film, but, first, it is about cars, and secondly, the author of “the source” – the Claude Lelouch.

The management of the company from Maranello decided to make a kind of sequel to 1976, known in Russia under the title “is This a date”. The main character is an eight-minute romance “action” Claude Lelouch hurries out, and the whole film, in fact – is “onboard” it-in on the August morning in Paris. It is worth noting that this short film is a real classic car movie.

According to legend, assisted the main character just the car from the stables of Ferrari – almost a real 275 GTB, and was piloted by someone from the former F1 racers. The Director at one point dispelled these rumors, saying that actually the 35-millimeter camera was installed on the front bumper of the Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL with a 6.9-liter engine, and the Italian “soundtrack” imposed later.

However, Ferrari decided to bring the legend to life. The “second part” will move from Paris to Monaco, the main “wheels” of the film will be the latest hybrid hypercar SF90 Stradale, and its wheel will sit the official Ferrari F1 pilot Charles Leclerc. It is expected that the shooting will take place on the same streets through which the route passes At the Monaco Grand Prix – now they are for obvious reasons the desert, which considerably facilitates the task of the crew.

In 1976 Leluche not allowed to cut off almost all of Paris in order to shoot an eight-minute movie, so the Director and went on the road illegally, in the early morning. In our days the crew have problems with loneliness on the streets are usually bustling European capitals (though not French) to not be.