Ferrari is preparing for the premiere special supercar

Ferrari готовит к премьере особый суперкар

Ferrari company is preparing for the premiere of a very special supercar. It will exist in a single copy, and called it a Prototipo.

It is known that made Ferrari Prototipo for the company Blackbird Concessionaires is a dealer from Hong Kong, where on 25 March and will be a unique supercar. And the owner of the car, apparently, is a mr_tk, Instagram which has information about the car with the caption “Ferrari & me. Monday” (Ferrari and me. Monday).

Any technical information about Ferrari Prototipo no. It is expected that it will be built on the base model LaFerrari. And videotizer you can see that the novelty is likely to be the track and get the appropriate salon, and a large rear wing and wheels with Central locking. In the message Ferrari says it will be “the most extreme special project today”.