Fertilizer manufacturers from Russia blamed the huge losses of the budget of Ukraine

Производителей удобрений из РФ обвинили в огромных убытках бюджета Украины

Manufacturers from Russia found a schematic how to bypass Ukrainian customs legislation and to deliver fertilizer without paying dumping duties, with the result that the state budget is not received for the 2017-2018 year, more than $ 100 million.

This is stated in the message of the Union of chemists of Ukraine.

Russian manufacturers are also bypassing the regulatory measures started to deliver fertilizer to Ukraine through other countries – Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey.

The Union of Chemists of Ukraine has submitted an application to the Ministry of economic development and trade on new safeguard investigation against imports of mineral fertilizers in Ukraine. The appeal was sent on behalf of the largest domestic producers of mineral fertilizers – companies “Dniproazot”, the OPP, Cherkasy Azot, Severodonetsk Azot, Rivneazot, Concern “styrene”.

Safeguard investigation initiated against imports of the main types of nitrogen fertilizers – urea, ammonium nitrate (ammonium nitrate), CAS, IAS, regardless of country of origin and the exporting country.

“The new inquiry is a necessary measure, since the Ministry imposed anti-dumping duties in fact do not work and the economic effect of their action was minimal,” – said the President of the Union of chemists of Ukraine Oleksiy Golubov.

For the period from 2015 to 2017, the import of nitrogen fertilizers in Ukraine has increased to 975 thousand tons to 1.7 million tons. The share of imports in the domestic market for some types of fertilizers amounted to more than 80%. The import of fertilizers is critical to the trade balance of the country.

“The way out of this situation, we see the introduction of quotas for import, which should be used in conjunction with other events at the conclusion of branch from crisis. We have given the Ministry all the necessary calculations, statistics, and facts about the growth of import of mineral fertilizers and waiting for their urgent removal of a question on the Interdepartmental Commission on international trade and the beginning of the investigation,” said Golubov.

Earlier Ukrainian agrarian Rada reported that the court overturned the decision to increase the antidumping duties on Urea and UAN originating from Russia.

Market participants said that the court’s decision does not affect existing anti-dumping duties.