FIAT “raised up” of Elvis Presley to advertise his new pickup truck (VIDEO)

FIAT «воскресил» Элвиса Пресли для рекламы своего нового пикапа (ВИДЕО)

FIAT has released an unusual promotional video of its easy pick-up Strada second generation, for whom “raised” to the legendary American king of rock-n-roll Elvis Presley, who died in 1977. Recall that the Strada is the pickup with monocoque body, which is produced in Brazil and sold in Latin America.

A two-minute promotional film called “the Legend.” It starts with how Elvis takes the stage and sings the song Blue Suede Shoes from his debut album (by the way, to him it was performed by American singer-songwriter Carl Perkins), and then in the room just bursts into a pickup truck FIAT Strada. Elvis leaves the stage and sits in the car and went to her. Along the way he meets his impersonators, heading to the gym for martial arts, where it shows a few combat moves. At the same time in the truck loading a wooden crate, and Elvis first went on the truck in the desert, rides past the set, then gets on the floor, breaks the box, which is a copy of its granite and the arrow “kicks” neon sign Nova Fiat Strada (Fiat new Strada).

The king of rock ‘ n ‘ roll played a Dean Z – his counterpart from Missouri, a state in the United States. In 2013 he won the organized family Presley look-alike contest.

Strada is a compact pickup truck with a monocoque body. Its length is 4480 mm. According to employees of FIAT, is the most compact five-seat pickup in the world with four doors.

The novelty is presented in a version with two-door cabin. In this case, the Strada is reminiscent of cars Holden pickup trucks for Australia. However, despite the small size, the vehicle is able to transport the motorcycle class Enduro. Capacity – 720 kg single-row cabin and 650 kg with two-row.

Under the hood are a compact atmospheric motors with very low power. The basic series engine Fire 1.4-litre engine produces 88 HP, for a fee offers more productive 110-strong “four” Firefly. Uncontested transmission – 5-speed manual.

FIAT Strada premiere of the second generation was held in April of this year, but the start of production was postponed because of the epidemic Covid-19. Dealers of FIAT in Latin America have already collected orders for the model, though its “live” sales have not started yet.