FIFA have banned Chelsea from signing new players

ФИФА запретила "Челси" подписывать новых игроков

FIFA rejected the appeal of London “Chelsea” concerning the prohibition to register new players in next two transfer Windows. Therefore the club will not be able to replenish its membership and winter 2019 summer 2020.

Earlier, Chelsea were banned from registering new players in the next two Windows. The club also had to pay 600 thousand dollars. Such a punishment the English club has received for violating the rules of registration and transfers of underage players.

Chelsea decided to appeal the decision. But FIFA decided to reject the appeal of the club. But to soften the sentence. The ban will not apply to players under the age of 16 who can go to the Academy “Chelsea”. The prohibition will not apply to women’s and Futsal team “Chelsea”.

The English club has the right to appeal the FIFA decision in the Sports arbitration court.