Fifty individual heating units is going to set in Kharkov

Полсотни индивидуальных тепловых пунктов собираются установить в Харькове

KP “Kharkov thermal networks” planiruet to carry out reconstruction of Central heating points. According to the decision of session of city Council, in the framework of the repair works will be set 55 individual heating units for residential and the public sector. They will be placed in different districts of Kharkiv.

“The device of individual heating substations in residential buildings allows to reduce the length of the transport system and eliminates the problem of recovery recycling systems. As a result, decrease the cost of maintaining in working condition the quarterly networks of hot water, and reduces heat loss during transportation”, – explained in “Kharkiv heat networks”.

According to the enterprise, the advantage of the automated individual thermal points (ITP) is a high profitability. Experience has shown that the proposed heating units 50% more efficient than existing shell-and-tube. When you use heat points a choice of modes of heat supply systems and accurate adjustment reduce heat loss to 15%. Automation of ITP does not require the constant presence of staff, ensures effective energy saving and comfort in a heated room allows for weather setting to set the operation modes depending on the time of day and time of year, to use modes of weekends and holidays.

“Thanks to ITP operating costs are reduced by 40-60%. The service unit substation requires fewer personnel. As a result, costs for maintenance, repair and prevention of decrease three times, the turnaround time increased four times,” – said in KP the CTS.