Figure of the day: how many people need to colonize Mars

Цифра дня: сколько нужно людей для колонизации Марса

Цифра дня: сколько нужно людей для колонизации Марса

Scientists of the Polytechnic Institute of Bordeaux (France) has conducted a new study and determined how many people are needed for the first mission to colonize Mars.

Scientists believe that for the first colony need 110 people. This study published in the journal Scientific Reports, Reports the Daily Mail.


As said the study’s author, Professor Jean-Marc Salotti, he used a mathematical model to determine “the possibility of survival on another planet”.

According to his calculations, the colony must live under oxygen-filled dome and agriculture. He added that the mathematical model can be applied for colonization of any planet, as an example, he used the Mars.

“This issue is of particular importance for the future of space conquest, and perhaps also for the future of mankind as a whole”, – said Salotti.

He also added that the settlers can declare an independent Martian government.

Mission to Mars

By the way, already in late July, NASA launches a mission to Mars. However, colonization of the question. They run the Rover Perserverance. He should explore the environment on Mars and its surface.

Also, the device will ship on the planet’s surface a plaque as a sign of respect for health workers.

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