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З'ясували, через що виникає рак порожнини рота - 24 Канал

Scientists from Asia stated that the level of exposure to harmful aerosol particles are not inferior betel and tobacco, the consumption of which leads to the development of cancer.

About it writes Science Daily.

Scientists Zhongshan University found that polluted air triggers the development of oral cancer. According to them, are particles PM2.5 or aerosols that are in the air.

Particles PM2.5 consist of solid items and liquids sizes of 10 nm – 2.5 µm.З'ясували, через що виникає рак порожнини рота - 24 Канал

Which is why there is cancer of the oral cavity

The researchers studied the materials which were collected during 10 years, Taiwan’s biggest hospital. During this time, the doctor asked 1,600 people with cancer of the oral cavity.

It turned out that all these patients lived in the most polluted areas.

The researchers concluded that particles PM2.5 is the cause of development of oral cancer.

What else harmful particles PM2.5? They are able to pass biological boundaries, that is easy to penetrate the human body. Particles reduce life expectancy on average by 8.6 months. From 1990 to 2010, 3.1 million people died from causes associated with PM2 particles.5.

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