Filigree bisikleta of Welbeck brought a victory “Watford”: video

Филигранная бисиклета Велбека принесла победу "Уотфорду": видео

Филигранная бисиклета Велбека принесла победу "Уотфорду": видео

Striker English “Watford” Danny Welbeck scored a crazy goal in the match “Norwich”. His scoring strike was decisive in the meeting.

In the framework of the 34th round of the Premier League “Watford” took “Norwich”, writes the channel 24.

An incredible goal

Now the teams had to start all over again.Both teams opened the scoring early in the match. The guests took the lead already in the 4th minute of the match, goal of the asset Buendia. But after six minutes the hosts took the revenge for a goal. Dawson leveled the score.

In the 55th minute, “Watford” ran in high-speed counter-attack, which almost resulted in an interception. However, the defender of “Norwich” unsuccessfully knocked the ball and he bounced to Walbach. The ex-striker of Manchester United for such a development was ready – he famously put the case and scored a fantastic blow through in the fall.

We emphasize that for Danny Uelbek this goal was only the second this season. Prior to that, he scored “Swansea” in the framework of the League Cup back in September.

Goal by Welbeck watch the video:

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